Faqicon Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is included in the covid home care basic package?add
    Comprehensive Onboarding call to clarify all aspects of home quarantine, Regular tracking of symptoms using the latest health technology, 2 Calls from specialist in critical care/general practitioner. Unlimited nurse access on call for resolution of questions.
  • What is included in the covid home care full protection package? add
    It includes all basic packages and additional resources in the Full Protection Plan, such as Critical Care Specialist/General Practitioner Regular Call, Doctor Chat, One Nutritionist Consultations (video) to enhance immunity to combat Covid-19
  • How do I get help and treatment at home?add
    Virtually i.e through NH app. In app you can book for diagnostic tests where the sample will be collected at your doorstep, doctor and dietitian consultations via Video. Prescribed medicines will also be delivered at your footstep when ordered.
  • At what time will I have the video consultations? add
    It depends on the selected doctor availability (Doctor availability slots will be displayed while booking)
  • What benefits can I get with Covid homecare Package?add
    It includes Covid 19 basic and Covid 19 full protection. Covid 19 basic consists of 2 video consultations (i.e one with General Practitioner and other with Critical Care Specialist) and Covid 19 Symptom Checker in which the health coach will be recording the well being of the patient (follow up) for 14 days. In Covid 19 full protection there will be consultations with General Practitioner and Critical Care Specialist for every alternate days and Covid 19 Symptom Checker for the duration of 14 days.