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Our Story

What inspires us?

NanoHealth is solving one of the largest health problems of the 21 st century– Non-Communicable Diseases​ (NCDs) that account for highest deaths and disability across the world. NCDs cause 2 out of 3 deaths worldwide. The 2015 Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) Global Survey showed that 1 in 4 Indians face the risk of death from an NCD before they hit the age of 70. In addition to causing premature deaths, NCDs also impede the quality of life of people. NCDs are a threat not only to human health, but also to economic development and growth. NCDs account for an annual loss of 5-10% of GDP in India, leading to a crippling effect on the individual and the economy.

Current health care systems, both in the public and private sectors, are heavily oriented towards reactive care and episodic treatment. There is less emphasis on preventive, primary and continuous care that is required to manage long term clinical and behavioral modifications necessary to manage chronic conditions and reduce long term health costs for individuals and health systems. NanoHealth has taken on this challenge of building a solution to tackle NCDs at scale.

The inception...

NanoHealth made history by becoming the first Indian team to win the Hult Prize 2014 out of 11,000 applicants worldwide. NanoHealth continues to be supported and inspired by the pursuits of the Hult Foundation in building pockets of excellence across the world to solve critical challenges. Since 2014 NanoHealth has grown diversely.

How far we have come...

Pioneered a Proactive & Continuous Care model with the right blend of human touch and technology to fight NCDs. NanoHealth has touched over 70,000 people across various walks of life and caused deep impact in improving their health and ultimately their quality of life.

More recently, our impact has been recognised by the government, giving NanoHealth the opportunity to expand its solution to a much larger scale and to under-served people and geographies.

After three years of continuous efforts to develop a NCD focused solution, we are now confident to have developed an effective and scalable solution that can help millions of people manage their health better and save hundreds of thousands from premature death! I want to thank all my team members, all our partners and specially Hult Prize for their continuous faith and support.

Manish Ranjan

Co-founder, CEO


Shiva Subramaniam Independent Director and advisor

Shiva brings an experience of 20+ years in Healthcare, including stints in IBM, Satyam Computer services Ltd, HCL Technologies Ltd and GVK Biosciences Ltd. An angel investor Shiva is passionate about integrated health and leveraging technology for the same. He has been associated with NanoHealth from its inception.

Bhagwan Chowdhry Professor, Finance
Executive Director - DIRI

Professor of Finance Bhagwan Chowdhry began his teaching career at UCLA Anderson in 1988. Here he found “an opportunity to work with and learn from outstanding faculty colleagues and an ability to work with students on projects that will make a difference in the world.” During his tenure he has also been a visiting professor and lecturer at a variety of institutions, including the University of Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the Indian School of Business. He is a current visiting scholar at the Stellar Development Foundation.

Rajeev Prashar V Director, Enterprise
Architecture at Ascension

Strategic thinker and outcome oriented professional with 16+ years of demonstrated experience in providing and championing technology architecture solutions to complex business problems of Manufacturing, Retail, Telecommunication and Healthcare customers.

Hult Prize 2014

HULT Prize 2014 - Winners

The Hult Prize, also known as the Nobel Prize for students, identifies one social enterprise every year across all the universities to solve the most pressing problems of the world. Awarded by the likes of Former US PresidentBill Clintonand Noble Prize winnerMuhammad Yunus,NanoHealth made history by becoming the first Indian team to win the coveted award out of 11,000 applicants worldwide.