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10 Ways to Stop a Panic Attack!



10 Ways to Stop a Panic Attack!

Most of us will have a panic episode at some point in life response to a real threat or acute stress. Panic disorder occurs when stress attacks occur or recur without danger or significant anxiety, or when the fear of having another attack causes you to avoid specific places or individuals.

1. Pick a Name for the Panic Attack

This part of the process is about communicating with self. 


Naming the fear can assist you in dealing with it better. Speak to yourself,  "I have Panic," or "I am having Anxiety," if you can. This will help you to Stop a Panic Attack. 


You don't need to fear or reject the panic because doing so usually makes it worse. The practicality of talking to self has helped many people to stop worrying about the panic and remind themselves that they have the means to help themselves. So just talk to yourself calmly. 

2. Breathing deeply

It can help you stay focused on anything beyond your symptoms, minimize their severity, and prevent hyperventilation. 


Placing your palm on your belly so you can experience the fall and rise of your belly will relax you instead of exciting you and help Stop a Panic Attack.

3. Song out ‘EIEIO’

You can't sing without breathing; therefore, utilize the conclusion of this very famous nursery rhyme to get you breathing when you can't. It's doable. It's only a matter of practise-Sing out  EIEIO.


Employ all of these methods when you aren't panicking or anxious to show yourself they work.

4. Relaxation

Stiffening and relaxation of major muscle groups one at a time provides you something more to focus on and assists drop your pulse rate. This is one of the best ways to Stop a Panic Attack and deal with hypertension


Remember to tense and relax your face muscles. 

5. Move at a Slow Pace

Light exercise can help you stay focused and release endorphins that even help with hypertension. 

Movement allows the panic-induced energy to evaporate. Go for a walk if you can't get outside. Create.

6. Turn Off the World and Focus

Excessive external stimulation can induce panic attacks, so cover your eyes and finding a quiet place will help.


Focus on your typical physical sensations like feeling both bare feet on the wood floor or inside the shoe.


Identify what you observe, maybe a tree, describe your desk, a pattern, or design. See and insinuate


These strategies are especially useful when panic attacks cause a sense of alienation from reality. 

7. Assume Your Safe Zone

Make one immediately if you haven't already. 


Imagine yourself carefree, relaxed, with almost nothing to do but always be. Imagine the joy surging through your body. Attend.


The idea is to use all of your senses to the ground and focus on yourself.

8. Get Chanting

A mantra, either mentally or aloud, can be soothing and relaxing. Of course, focusing on something besides your symptoms prevents you from worrying about the anxiety, which causes you to feel calmer, and the nervousness dissipates faster hence allowing you to Stop a Panic Attack.


A mantra might be anything that speaks to you. "This is momentary," or something more personal.

9. Smell the Lavender 

Keep aromatic oils, especially lavender, nearby. Before using it on your skin, make sure you're not sensitive. Drizzle a little on your wrists, behind your nose, between your eyes, on your feet, on your belly, or over your heart. This is soothing—also, your focus shifts from panic to self-care. You can either remove the cap and sniff it or diffuse it if you have one. Have fun with it.


Gently massage your neck with lavender oil or sip some chamomile tea instead.


Please visit a skilled professional or a Healthcare consultant to confirm if you need these therapies and do not have any contraindications.

10. Benzodiazepines (anti-anxiety drugs) may be required!

If you've tried everything above and still get feelings of anxiety, medication can help you relax while you work on a medication regimen with your therapist. Benzodiazepines are addictive and are often administered by Psychiatrists for short-term or temporary relief to Stop a Panic Attack. 


Some points to keep in mind: Often during a panic attack, there is always a risk of blood pressure shooting up and if you experience panic attacks frequently, then get your BP checked. This also occurs during hypertension, so get yourself checked. 


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