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5 Benefits Of Corporate Wellness Program That Employers Should Know



5 Benefits Of Corporate Wellness Program That Employers Should Know

We live in a society where most people are very conscious about their health and well-being. The consciousness of healthy living makes them try actively to choose a healthy lifestyle. The same goes with the workplace, where most employers are committed to a healthy lifestyle. Now, this is why most employers choose a workplace where their healthy lifestyle is given priority. That is the reason why the employee wellness program comes.


The employee health and wellness program benefits the workforce and has a lot of advantages to employers as well. Wellness programs will ultimately boost the overall organizational performance.


Any organization needs to keep its employers healthy and happy. Corporate Wellness programs will keep them boosted and increase productivity. Benefits of Corporate wellness programs for employers include:

Increases productivity

The corporate wellness program adoption will make the employers happy and make a good atmosphere at the workplace. Keeping the employers entertained along with the work like playing some indoor games does wonder for the morale and performance of the employers. As the saying goes, happy employers are very productive and less likely to take leaves.

Improves health

A corporate wellness program will make a great contribution to a healthier workforce. The wellness program creates awareness about healthy lifestyle choices, which includes the exercises we do or the healthy food we eat and the most important, the much-needed healthy sleep. If the employee wellness program focuses on such things, this will positively affect the employer's physical and mental health.

Increases brand value

Corporate wellness programs can create a great impact on the brand value of the employee. The employee's brand value has become very important recently as there is huge competition among people in the market. So the brand value counts the most among employers. In the present century, a lot more is in count than just salary, job or hours of the job. The employers also see the organization's learning and development opportunities. Along with this, whether the company offers any corporate wellness programs. Having a wellness program will benefit the workplace with top candidates as many employers are looking for it.

Reduces stress

Stress is something unavoidable, especially when it comes to the workplace. Employees undergoing stress is not good for the company as this will affect the employee's health and the company's productivity. Stress will also make the employers take unnecessary sick leaves. By introducing corporate wellness programs, the employers are less stressful which will ultimately increase the productivity and performance of the employee. By good health, the employers also have fewer healthcare costs.

Keeps the employee loyal 

Corporate wellness programs have a great impact on employers. Introducing such programs helps the employers achieve their personal goals, making them loyal to the company. The wellness program shows how much the employees and their health mean to the company. Wellness programs will make the employees feel valued will make the employees work in a particular company and search for a job elsewhere.


We care for our employees at Assurance, as employees are our assets. We offer our employees a lot of offerings, including risk profiling, health claims, personalized care coordination. We also offer a Care team at your doorstep to access you to the doctor consultations, health coach, specialists, nutritionists, or diagnostic laboratory tests if needed.


Our preventative care program for employees includes Nutrition and lifestyle management for risk-prone employees to consult with specialists or nutritionists. The disease management programs include.

  • Diabetic Reversal Program
  • Diabetic Care program
  • Cholesterol management program
  • Obesity management program
  • Thyroid Management program
  • Mental Health Care.


Employers' health is vital for a good company. Better adoption of a Corporate wellness program improves chronic and lifestyle diseases for the employees. With effective corporate disease management programs in place, high-risk levels of diseases come down to a moderate risk level by 49%, and moderate risk goes down by 16%.


Assurance assigns health coaches to every employee for proactive healthcare and avails time-to-time health service.

Our in-app notifications instill a sense of responsibility towards themselves!

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