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Benefits of Gallic Acid

Galli acid is actually a natural compound called the phenolic compound which can be found in a lot of fruits and medicine-based plants, nuts, wine, and also tea. It is said that these fruits and plants where we can find Gallic acid, have a lot of health benefits. Gallic acid also has a lot of properties like antioxidant properties, antineoplastic properties, antimicrobial properties, anti-obesity properties, and also anti inflammatory properties. Along with these beneficial properties Gallic acid also has certain therapeutic activities such as gastrointestinal, cardiovascular disorders, metabolic disorders, and neuropsychological disorders.


Gallic acid is present in a lot of fruits by consuming which you can have certain advantages to the body. Some of the foods which have gallic acid in them are Apple, Banana, Grapes, Strawberry, Blueberry, Mango, Pomegranate, Avocado, Cashews, Hazelnut, Walnut, Green tea, Red wine, etc.


The beneficial properties of Gallic acid are very beneficial for health conditions like cancer and also brain health. Gallic acid consists of a lot of pharmacological benefits in certain diseases. Some of them are listed:

Benefits of Gallic acid in Anticancer

The disruption of the cells, from a healthy organism, evokes a disease that is threatening to life. Cancer is one of them. The unusual increment of the cells at the cellular level is defined as cancer. These cells destroy the normal functions of other cells. 

Introducing Gallic acid to cancer can control the problem. Gallic acid acts as an antioxidant balance in the problem, thereby controlling it to a huge extent.

Benefits of Gallic acid in Gastrointestinal disease

The mucosal layer of the gastrointestinal is protected by the Gallic acid, by decreasing the acid secretions from problems like ulcers. The Gallic acid mingles with a lot of intracellular inflammatory properties to induce ulcerative colitis.

Gallic acid in Gastric Cancer

One of the main causes of death in the world is gastric cancer. The infection that happens by the helicobacter pylori is the strongest factor of risk, as Gastric microbiota starts gastric cancer. The helicobacter pylori are decreased by the Gallic acid to prevent and treat gastric cancer.

Gallic acid in Colorectal Cancer

 One of the major global health conditions around the world is colorectal cancer. The dietary polyphenols are good for the colorectal tissue and for the bacterial growth of the gut. The treatment of Gallic acid could make colorectal cancer to normal levels.

Benefits of Gallic acid in Metabolic diseases

Most of the metabolic disorders in people are often referred to as Obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes mellitus, etc. they store the excess energy in adipocytes. This ability to store and then release it in the future is important for its survival. But, consuming a lot of energy, or sedentary lifestyle or even genetic susceptibility can provoke increased adipose storage. This results in metabolic disorders. 

The Gallic acid reduces the current size of the adipocytes by inhibiting diet- inducing hyperglycemia.

Benefits of Gallic acid in Cardiovascular diseases

The main cause of cardiovascular disease is the imbalance of oxygen supply to the coronary artery. In order to decrease the risk of the imbalance or the myocardial infarction, some of the surgical methods are practiced. It can also be controlled through pharmacological agents.

Among them is Gallic acid, which decreases the harmful and risky oxidative consequences by increasing the antioxidant activity.

Benefits of Gallic acid in Neuropsychological diseases

Alzheimer’s disease which is typically a neurodegenerative problem leads to Dementia eventually. The patient may suffer memory loss through this disease. 

The gallic acid affects the cells of the nerve, decreasing the toxicity and viability, thereby increasing the rate of apoptosis. Gallic acid neutralizes the toxicity in the neural system.

Antimicrobial properties in Gallic acid

The microbial infections in the body which destroy the immune system are treated with gallic acid as this will act as a natural defense to maintain the immune system. Gallic acid is also very beneficial in the food industry due to its bacteria-fighting component.

Anti-obesity property in Gallic acid

Obese people often generate inflammation and stress. Gallic acid can fight oxidative stress and also inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Gallic acid suppresses lipogenesis in people with obesity, therefore, reducing the excessive storage of fat present in them.


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