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Difference Between a Dengue Fever and Corona Virus

Dengue fever cases are on the rise right now! Why? Read on to secure yourself & your family, friends, plus neighbours! 


The overlapping symptoms between dengue and Coronavirus can be difficult to distinguish, even though dengue is a seasonal sickness every year. In both circumstances, high fever is a common symptom that is particularly seen as a marker of infection transmission.


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To determine the difference between COVID-19-like symptoms like a fever and other flu-like illnesses like dengue, malaria, and COVID-19, we must know that a fever can indicate inflammation, which is not only a typical symptom of COVID-19. There are some ways to determine the difference between a viral infection and something else if you have a protracted fever now.


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The incidence of dengue and unexplained viral fevers recorded throughout Indian states has increased dramatically, in addition to the COVID-19 epidemic. Although Corona & dengue are distinct viruses that transmit through mosquito bites and respiratory droplet transmission, the key issue that might lead to diagnostic and therapeutic confusion could be similar symptoms. 

Corona Virus and Dengue Symptoms are Similar. How Much? 

There is a substantial likelihood of contracting either dengue fever or COVID-19, which are both viral infections. 

Some of the frequent symptoms reported with both diseases are 

  1. Body aches
  2. Myalgia
  3. Chills
  4. Fever
  5. Nausea.

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There is no other method to differentiate between a patient's symptoms other than having a test done, according to experts, and that is to search for fever in addition to any symptoms or probable exposure.

Major variations between COVID-fever & dengue fever

However, despite the similarity in symptoms, the two illnesses differ greatly regarding the accompanying fever.

Dengue fever disease conditions: 

Dengue infection can cause high fever (up to 103-105 degrees F) and other troubling symptoms that may necessitate more extreme medical care to recover. A recent dengue virus, DENV-2, is also known to induce more severe symptoms, such as fatally high fever.


In contrast to COVID, a dengue infection causes a persistent fever that lasts for several days or weeks. As a result, the way your fever develops during infection could help determine if you have dengue fever or COVID-19 symptoms.

Pay attention to when the symptoms first appear! 

Both illnesses might present with similar symptoms, except fever. COVID-19 can often have one or more symptoms at a time, affecting people in different orders of presentation. Some might have a cold while some might get fever spikes, while some will show gastrointestinal weakness. 

When should you be concerned that you have dengue?

In the absence of a vaccine & precise treatment for symptoms that could translate into dengue, providing supportive treatment and emphasizing more on liquids, rest and calmness would be the best method to manage and resolve them. 


Remember that getting tested for both illnesses is critical at this point since COVID-19 is still a real threat that we cannot ignore, and failing to receive a timely diagnosis of dengue can have serious and even fatal consequences if not treated quickly. Pre-existing illnesses or immunosuppressive factors can make the infections dangerous for those who are already ill.

How can Assurance help me?

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Our disease care management programs include: 

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